Right now, with the help of a whole lot of people, we are spearheading our “Billy and the Bandit” project. Our intention with this show is to bridge the generation gap between children and their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

What happens when you find that a popular television show from 50 years ago is still popular today? This is what might happen. Fans might think of ways to bring back the story in a new form, and they might think of ways to bring back the original stars! Then they just might find the wherewithal to bring it all to life. Well, that is exactly what happened.

Darryl Bartlett, a dyed-in-the-wool “Virginian” fan, came up with an idea. He brought Nancy Thomas, another DITW fan, on board to help him flesh out the story. Next thing, Gary Clarke was writing the screenplay and getting more and more excited with every keystroke. He will also direct the pilot. Gary played Steve on the 1960's western television series "The Virginian."

Next, James Drury and Roberta Shore, also cast of "The Virginian," read the script and were immediately on board. The excitement was contagious and spreading. We raised some interim funding and hired an amazing production company. The momentum was building exponentially.

Let us tell you just a bit about the story. Not too much, though. Do not want to give away the surprise.

Confined to a wheelchair, and with the help of his oh, so wise grandfather, young Billy escapes to a world of adventure in the old west, joining forces with The Virginian, to see that good triumphs over evil, while old-time lessons are learned that will enrich and guide him powerfully in his modern-day life.

There is animation, there is live action, and a wonderful story to tell. And many more are being written, even as we speak. We have come a long way and are almost there. Join us in becoming a part of making television history, of bringing this show to life, and giving our children something wonderful to watch.

Please check out our page How You Can Help to complete the pilot for "Billy and the Bandit." We would love to have your support!